Thursday, June 11, 2009


LEGO's modular NXT robotics line is already a hit with more serious hobbyist, and now the company is taking aim at gadget-loving youngsters with cameras, MP3 players, boomblox and more, made from LEGO bricks. I got to take a look at the colorful camera and MP3 player, both pictured above and below. All LEGO had ready to show is a prototype of each, though, as you can see by the empty MP3 player.

The camera isn't packing all that strong of a punch with a 1.5" LCD screen, 3 MP sensor and 128 MB of internal memory, but that should be more than enough for a kid to play around with. It hooks up to your computer with a USB cord, and has a lithium battery inside. The MP3 player has 2 GB of memory by comparison.

Both are set to come out in the Fall for $50 and $40, respectively, alongside a boombox, alarm clock, walkie-takie, and even a stop-animation video camera.

UPDATE: The gallery has been fixed. Get up close and personal with those bricky gadgets.


Kristina Louise said...
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Kristina Louise said...

Wow..I like this! It looks like a toy though it's not! ~gadgets widgets

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